As we release GrowSurf 2.0, a completely brand new referral marketing platform, we will be preparing to shut down the current GrowSurf 1.0 product.

GrowSurf 1.0 will officially be sunset on July 15, 2019.

We strongly recommend you export your contacts in your existing 1.0 campaigns, and migrate to 2.0 before then.

During this period, note that the domain may redirect to the new 2.0 website. To view and manage your current GrowSurf 1.0 campaigns, you can always visit, or follow the link from the 2.0 website banner.

For all users:

Your existing GrowSurf campaign won't be affected if you currently have it installed on your website. However after the sunset date, your GrowSurf 1.0 referral campaign will no longer work.

To paid users:

We have automatically applied 100% off to your existing subscription and you will no longer be charged for your 1.0 account during its lifetime. We've also emailed you a special offer for upgrading to GrowSurf 2.0 – check your inbox!

Upgrade to GrowSurf 2.0:

To see everything that's new in GrowSurf 2.0, read our blog post here and sign up here (note: you'll need to create a new account for GrowSurf 2.0).

For any questions, please submit a ticket or talk via chat widget on our website.