Note: these instructions are for GrowSurf v1, an older version of the platform.

GrowSurf is free referral software that lets you set up referral marketing (e.g. refer-a-friend campaigns) in minutes for your business. You can reward your subscribers/users/customers when they share your website with their friends. Here are some use cases:

  • You have a newsletter and want to grow your subscriber list
  • You are collecting emails on a landing page in preparation for launching your product/service
  • You have an established business and want to grow your customers

This tutorial will show you how to create a referral program using GrowSurf (in minutes). Keep in mind, you can edit a campaign at anytime after it has been created.

Lets get started!

1. Sign up

Create a new user account at Once signed up, you should automatically see the Campaign Editor view.

2. Create a Campaign

The Campaign Editor shows you a live preview of how your popup window looks like to visitors on your site.

The Campaign Editor walks you through each step of setting up your campaign. Here is an overview:

  • Step 1: Basic Info
  • Step 2: Offer
  • Step 3: Schedule
  • Step 4: Customize (Optional)
  • Step 5: Options (Optional)

Step 1: Basic Info

Campaign Editor Basic Step

  • Campaign Name: Only you will see the Campaign Name, so feel free to give it a name that helps you stay organized (e.g. Early User Access, 30% Discount Referral Campaign, etc).

  • Site URL: The Site URL must match your website's URL where you will run the GrowSurf campaign on. If you are having integration issues, double check that this campaign Site URL matches your website's URL

    (NOTE: If you run a development/staging environment, you will need to temporarily update the campaign Site URL to match your local/staging URL in order to test GrowSurf).

Step 2: Offer

Campaign Editor Offer Step

  • Define a winner:

    • Option 1: Conversion Count ("Somebody who refers at least x other people"):

      Select this if you want no limit to the number of campaign winners. Anyone who refers an x amount of people — using their unique share link — qualifies as a winner. The referral will only qualify if the referred user actually signs up for your site.

    • Option 2: Leaderboard ("Top x people with the most referrals"):

      Select this if you want a specific number of winners. Everyone who signs up to your site will get ranked by the number of referrals they have (e.g. A conversion count of 3 means the 3 highest ranked contacts within the campaign are considered winners [when the campaign ends]).

  • Describe the reward(s): This should be a brief description that describes what the winner(s) of the referral campaign receive at the end (e.g. Refer 3 people and get a month free!).

    Pro-tip: Try to make this as clear as possible to help entice users to share.

Step 3: Schedule

Campaign Editor Schedule Step

You can start the campaign immediately and make it last for X amount of months, or you can choose custom start and end dates (useful for scheduling in the future).

Step 4: Customize (optional)

Campaign Editor Customize Step

This is the fun part! You can customize the look/feel of your popup window by changing various colors to match your brand's color palette.

As always, you will see changes reflected in real-time on the right-side Preview section. Cool right? Remember you are in full control of the look and feel so don't be lazy to go crazy :)

NOTE: If you are planning using a custom integration GrowSurf using the GrowSurf JavaScript API, you can skip this step.

Step 5: Options (optional)

Campaign Editor Options Step

Within this step, you will find various options/add-ons (currently just Mailchimp at the time of this writing). This is not required to create a campaign, however you may find it to be useful for automating your marketing flow.

  • MailChimp: The MailChimp option allows your campaign contacts to be synced to one or more MailChimp lists. This is a great way for you to reach out to your new contacts without having to manually add your contacts to your MailChimp list(s).

We are a small team with limited resources, but we are all ears in determining what your needs are with new integrations/features. Feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]!

Review and publish

Campaign Editor Review and Publish Step

Almost there! Once you get to this Review step, you have the chance to make any changes you entered from previous steps. Once everything looks good, click the magical "Publish" button at the bottom left-side.

You can edit your campaign at anytime from your GrowSurf Dashboard.

Finally: Integration

Campaign Integration

Follow the instructions to integrate your newly created campaign on your site by copy-and-pasting two lines of code.

View our Docs to see what use-case best applies to you.

We tried to make this as painless as possible, but we understand that some people are more technical than others, so if you have any questions/suggestions or you find yourself asking "WTF do I do with this?!?" please feel free contact us [email protected].


Hopefully after reading this, you now have a referral campaign hooked up to your site. Our goal is to help you grow — and hopefully, in turn, grow with you.


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